Take Charge


The recent economic turmoil has been a rude wake up call for all of us.
We have seen events beyond our control destroy our savings and retirement accounts,diminish our job security and knock down the value of our homes.

It is important though to understand that we are not helpless in the face of this adversity.We each still have the ability to build, or rebuild, using the same building blocks as before, a combination of savings,insurance and investments

It is more important than ever in today’s tough economic times to set priorites, put a game plan in place and start moving in the right direction.

So How do you do that ? Where do you start ?

Here a few things to think about when putting together your long term financial plan.There a few simple steps that any one can take and they apply whether you already have a detailed plan orĀ  if you have just started to think about these issues.

Create in your mind a vision of your goal and be determined to make it happen.Knowing what to do with your money and if you are making the right decisions should not have to be a huge source of stress

The steps outlined in this article will help you achieve greater financial peace of mind.

The first step is to face some worst case scenarios.

  • What if you lose your job job or your salary and benefits are cut.?
  • What if you or your spouse became injured, sick or died?

We all need ready financial resources ,emergency savings,life health,disability insurance
to fall back on. If hard times have reduced your emergency savings and ready cash,the insurance component of your safety plan becomes even more important.

Life Insurance is a must. In these difficult times life insurance might seem like a luxury, but it is any thing but that, If anyone will suffer financially when you die, life insurance becomes essential.

If you are a breadwinner, even if you don’t work outside the home.Life insurance can replace most of your income, provide services like child care,cover funeral costs pay off your mortgage,fund longer range needs like college or retirement. .

Do you have good answers for all of these questions:

How long could you be out of work before paying the monthly bills would be a problem?

If you died tomorrow would your family members have enough money to maintain their lifestyles or would they have to start makingĀ  financial sacrifices almost immediately ?

Life Insurance is a simple answer to a very difficult question: How will my family manage financially when I die ? It is something that no one really wants to think about.

But if someone depends on you financially,you will have to give it some thought.
There are many types of life insurance,but the bottom line is the same for all of them.They allow your loved ones to remain financially secure by paying cash to your family after you die.

Life insurance payments can be used to pay mortgage payments,daily living expenses,outstanding loans,college tuition and other essential expenses.

And ,very importantly, death benefit proceeds of a life insurance policy are almost never subject to income taxes

Life Insurance – Who needs it ? Chances are you probably do

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