Marine Cargo

Marine cargo cover insures companies responsible for the transport of goods, whether internationally or domestically. It can cover them for loss or damage to the cargo whilst in transit.

Cover can be provided for events such as:

  • Theft, pilferage or hijack
  • Transportation mistakes such as dropping or inappropriate handling,
  • Accident to the carrying conveyance such as vessel sinking, aircraft crash or vehicle fire
  • Delay in start-up of large projects following loss or damage of critical parts during marine transit

KIA can provide insurance cover for cargo through the entirety of its journey. The insurance we arrange is known a stock throughput and will provide cover for your goods whilst they are in transit, whilst they are being stored (prior to, during or after their journey) and whilst they are en route to their final destination.

Shipping goods by sea can involve your goods being handled many times as they are loaded on and off vessels and vehicles. The insurer requires that the packing of goods being shipped is adequate, and that they are protected effectively for the journey. Failure to have suitable packing may mean that insurers will refuse to deal with a claim.

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