Contents Insurance

Content InsuranceContent coverage provides coverage for the contents of your home. Contents may be insured for cash value or for replacement value, regardless of how the structure is insured. Cash value coverage means that the insured will receive the value of the insured items, but any depreciation will be subtracted. Replacement coverage will provide the owner with a similar item, brand new and without consideration for the cost.

Policy Costs

The cost of homeowner’s content insurance varies,depending on where the property is located as well as the overall likelihood that the risks covered will come to pass. Risk level correlates directly with the cost of a policy: the more likely it is that undesirable events are to occur, the higher the annual cost of an insurance policy. Though location is a principal determinant of insurance costs, policy costs can be reduced if the home has enhancements, such as security systems, or is  in close range of one or more fire hydrants.

Content Coverage Items

Content coverage usually includes  household goods, appliances,furniture, furnishings, personal effects, clothing, electronic equipment, and valuables.  Personal money, up to stated limits is also covered.

 Policy content benefits may also include coverage for:

  • Computers
  • Glass and Mirrors
  • Loss of rent and alternative accommodation.
  • Debris Removal
  • Credit Cards
  • Freezer Contents (Food)
  • Audio and video equipment accidental damage
  • Contents temporarily removed

PERSONAL POSSESSIONS: With this extension your personal possessions outside of your home can be protected.

What is not covered:

  • Willful destruction of property.
  • Loss, damage and destruction caused by war, wear and tear etc.
  • Losses if your home has been unoccupied for more than 30 days,without prior notice to the company.
  • Cash, bullion, painting, works of art and antiques.

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