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Damaged HousesSimilar to any insurance policy, homeowner’s insurance will indemnify the policyholder in the event of certain undesirable occurrences.  Homeowner’s insurance  can cover, in addition to physical damage, the theft of valuables and personal items from the home as well as liability for any accidents that might occur on the property.

Your Home can be covered if there is a fire, lightning storm, explosion,  riot, earthquake or volcanic eruption, hurricane, flood, tornado, tropical storm, labour disturbances or strikes.

You can also get coverage for Rental and alternative accommodation, Breakage of Fixed Glass and Sanitary Fixtures.Damage to Underground Water or Gas Pipes Electricity Cables.Public and Personal Liability.Employers Liability as Owner or Occupier.

Cover can be provided for only the building (structure) of your home, or only the contents (belongings) or both.

You have the option to choose Full Accidental damage Cover,Full Theft (Walk in Theft),Liability for domestic staff and accidental death and permanent disability.

You can also protect your personal possessions outside of your home. If you choose this extension it covers you for Loss or Damage to your personal effects anywhere in the world.

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